Festa Junina – Cambridge MA

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Data / Hora
Date(s) - 18/06/2016
15:30 - 23:30

Saint Anthony Parish


About Festa Junina

Festa JuninaFesta Junina (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈfɛstɐ ʒuˈnĩnɐ]June Festival), also known as festa de São João for their part in celebrating the nativity of St. John the Baptist, are the annual Brazilian celebrations historically related to European Midsummer that take place in the beginning of the Brazilian winter. These festivities, which were introduced by the Portuguese during the colonial period (1500-1822), are celebrated during the month of June nationwide in Brazil. The Caipira style of quadrilha or square dancing is typical of the region and danced to country music by couples made of children but also adults usually attending a mock wedding

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